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Scratching the surface of dermal testing

Recorded August 19, 2020


Learn how to navigate the complexities of dermal toxicology research programs!  

Nonclinical dermal studies are different from other kinds of drug studies and not just because the skin is an organ that provides a significant point of entry for chemical agents. No single approach, method or species suffices for effectively evaluating dermal toxicity. Understanding the options for dermal studies and the pros and cons of each option streamlines the development process, while also decreasing program costs and accelerating the timeline to obtain regulatory approval to move a compound into clinical trials.   

Recorded on August 19th, 2020, Sinclair Research presented “Scratching the Surface of Dermal Testing!”

Presented by Sinclair Research’s Director of Toxicology and Dermatology, Dr. Jeffrey A. Klein, PhD, DABT, this webinar explores how to navigate the complexities of dermal toxicology research programs!  

In our webinar, Sinclair Research will help you learn: 


About the Presenter: Dr. Jeffrey A. Klein, PhD, DABT, is a diplomate of the American Board of Toxicology and past president of the Society of Toxicology’s Dermal Toxicology Specialty Section. Dr. Klein is responsible for Sinclair Research’s scientific direction in toxicology and dermatology services and operational processes, bringing decades of experience as both a study director and program manager at CROs and as a Sponsor leading dermal toxicology programs for both pharmaceutical and biotech companies. In addition to his expertise in dermal toxicology, he has a strong background in molecular biology, neuroscience and genetics.

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